Robert Applebaum „Should I Be Feeling Grateful?“



Über das Stück

Should I be feeling grateful
safe in my cocoon?
Where breathing may be taken for granted
here in my cocoon.
I can breathe, I can breathe.
Oh my breath has not be stolen 
by a virus in my lungs
Oh my breath has not been poisoned
by the forest fire toxic smoke
And my breath has not been stifled
by a lawman with a knee upon my throat.
I really should be grateful
safe in my cocoon,
but with all that's going on
it's hard to breathe.


For many years, music has been an abiding love but a professional sideline for Bob Applebaum, who taught physics and chemistry at New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL from 1965 until his retirement in June 2000. 

Professional, community, and children’s choirs in the USA and Europe have performed Applebaum’s music.  Chicago a cappella has included two of his Chanukah pieces on their 2002 CD Holidays Live and three of his settings of Shakespeare texts on their highly acclaimed 2005 Çedille release, Shall I Compare Thee?  His setting of Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li is included on Chicago a cappella’s 2010 CD, Days of Awe and Rejoicing.   More than 50 of his choral works have been published by E.C. Schirmer, Transcontinental Music, Hal Leonard Publishing, and Opus Music.

As a jazz pianist/composer he has three albums to his credit: Hora and Blue (with the Modern Klezmer Quartet, on the Global Village label, 1993), The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree (jazz piano duos with his son Mark Applebaum, on the Innova label, 2002), and Friday Night Jazz Service (2007).

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