Savina Yannatou „For Anja“



Über das Stück

I named this piece “for Anja”, because Anja asked me if I would like to compose a short piece for the group.  The solo voice plays the role of the “intruder”, interrupting the flow of the other voices like someone who is “alone” in a crowd, stuttering. The “diamondhead” notes are optional. They were not included in the score that I sent to “Calmus” because I was afraid that they could be too “annoying”, and still, I am not sure. You can skip them all, or just some parts of them. If you decide to sing them all, have in mind that it has not to be projected too much during the whole piece. The lyrics don’t exist. They are non-words. 


Born in Athens, Greece, Savina Yannatou studied singing with Spyros Sakkas, and Gogo Georgilopoulou, and later on a scholarship from  Mousigetis Foundation she attended London΄s Guildhall School of Music and Drama (“Performance & Communication Skills”)

She began working as a singer, in the Greek National Radio 3, in collaboration  with the composer Lena Platonos, and then with many greek composers  interpreting songs or participating in modern-greek operas. She has been a member of the “Early Music Workshop” in the 80’s.

In 1993 she started collaborating  with  the group «Primavera en Salonico», with which  she has recorded 8 CDs so far ( LYRA and  ECM Records) including Sephardic, Mediterranean and Balkan traditional songs . With the group she travels all over the world since 1996 giving hundreds of concerts. 

In the early nineties she started experimenting with different vocal techniques in free improvisation which she teaches occasionally in acting and music schools, and in theatrical productions.

 As a free-jazz vocalist she has collaborated with: Peter Kowald, Barry Guy, Joana Sa, Günther Baby Sommer,  Floros Floridis, Gerald Preinfalk, Günther Pitscheider, Klaus Treuheit, Nikos Touliatos  and the Ensemble „Medea Electronique”.

Savina Yannatou is composing her own music and songs: “Rosa das Rosas”,  “Dreams of the Mermaid,” “Musique des chambres” (Lyra rec.,) “Wandering Stories” produced by Onassis Stegi Athens and by Ultima fest Oslo.

 She has composed music for theater  (National Greek Theatre, National Theater of Northern Greece, Thessalian Theater, Theater of Neos Kosmos, Playback Theater, Pantomime Theater of Silence.) 

She has brought out 25 personal CDs as a singer or songwriter and has participated in over 30 other LPs and CDs.