Linda Kachelmeier „10/20/2020“



Über das Stück

I wrote a haiku based on this article about sparrows during the pandemic:

I saw it as a small sign of hope. The audible breaths in the piece serve as both a reminder for us all to breathe, but also a feeling that we (the whole world) is collectively ‚holding our breath‘. 


Linda Kachelmeier (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA) is a composer, conductor, and professional singer with a special passion for choral music and art song for their capacity for conveying emotion through the human voice. Her music has been described as having “luscious counterpoint, deliberate dissonances, and assertive vocal interaction.” She has received numerous grants and commissions and in 2017 she was awarded the prestigious McKnight Fellowship for Composition. Linda’s music has been performed by professional ensembles such as The Singers, VocalEssence, and The Rose Ensemble, as well as many school and church choirs across the United States. She is the founder and artistic director of the women’s vocal quartet LUMINA. Since 1991 she has been the Director of Music at First Presbyterian Church in South St. Paul. Her vast experience as a singer and conductor has helped make her a uniquely sensitive and gifted composer when writing for the voice, from children’s choirs to professional singers and all levels in between.

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