Raschèr Saxophone Quartet „Mosaic Piece“


Über das Stück

"We humbly dedicate this work to the members of the one of a kind “Calmus Ensemble“ with whom we have had the fortune of collaborating on a handful of occasions; a piece that is part of their whole “MOSAIK 2020“ project.
 To make the composition a gift of a more personal nature, the individual members of the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet have each composed a line for their own respective voice: Christine the soprano line, Elliot the alto, Andreas the tenor, and Oscar the baritone and lamento bass, respectively.
 For the text we have taken a fragment of Emily Dickinson‘s poetry from 1869, which reads as follows:
 “Here a star, and there a star, Some lose their way
 Here a mist - and there a mist - Afterwards - Day!”

 The late Finnish composer Pehr Henrik Nordrgen wrote a beautiful concerto for the RSQ. In this masterpiece, there is a haunting chorale in the middle, with the strings wandering from one eerie quarter tone to the next. To help us interpret this section, the composer revealed to us that an element of this part is derived from an old Finnish tune describing the northern star lighting our darkest hour, when all other lights have been extinguished. This text shows an interesting twist on that idea, with some stars themselves being the ones to lose their way.

We remain humbly in these times and beyond, your Raschèr Saxophone Quartet
Christine Rall
Elliot Riley
Andreas van Zoelen 
Oscar Trompenaars"


Photo: Felix Broede

Seit seiner Gründung 1969 trat das Raschèr Saxophon Quartett regelmäßig in den bedeutendsten Konzertsälen der Vereinigten Staaten, Asien und Europas auf. Das Ensemble setzt eine Tradition fort, die in den 30er Jahren von Sigurd Raschèr, dem Pionier des klassischen Saxophons und Gründer des Quartetts, begonnen wurde. Er regte viele Komponisten an Stücke für ihn zu schreiben. In ganz ähnlicher Weise hat das Quartett über 300 Komponisten inspiriert ihm Werke zu widmen Diese Komponisten waren begeistert von der einmaligen homogenen Tonqualität, der Virtuosität und der dynamischen Interpretation alter und neuer Musik der vier Musiker.

Since its formation in 1969, the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet has appeared regularly at the major concert halls in Europe, Asia and the U.S. The ensemble carries on a tradition established in the 1930’s by the pioneer of the classical saxophone and founding member of the quartet Sigurd Raschèr, who animated many composers to write music especially for him. In a similar fashion, the quartet has inspired over 300 composers to dedicate music to them. All of these composers have shared an enthusiasm for the four musicians’ unique homogeneous tone quality, virtuosity and dynamic interpretation of new and old music.